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St.Petersburg, mountains, Pushkin city ( ex. Imperial village) on June, 15-20th 2009

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Quay of Neva

Quay of Neva

    I was born and grew up in the Baltic marshland
  by zinc-gray breakers that always marched on
  in twos. Hence all rhymes, hence that wan flat voice
  that ripples between them like hair still moist,
  if it ripples at all. Propped on a pallid elbow,
  the helix picks out of them no sea rumble
  but a clap of canvas, of shutters, of hands, a kettle
  on the burner, boiling - lastly, the seagull's metal
  cry. What keeps hearts from falseness in this flat region
  is that there is nowhere to hide and plenty of room for vision.
  Only sounds needs echo and dreads its lack.
  A glance is accustomed to no glance back.
                                                  Joseph Brodsky

Brodsky constantly recollected Petersburg in the poems, to me each time as I happen in Petersburg Brodsky is recollected.

The next trip has been connected with business trip in a city Pushkin, the former Imperial village, but it is possible to tell that the trip was to Petersburg.

Petersburg as always is beautiful – varies nothing, majestic palaces and the Peter and Paul Fortress.

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Perm – spring, square before opera and ballet theatre

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Perm, spring of 2009 – I at last had a normal camera, DSLR Canon D50. Why it instead of Nikon or something else? It from the category of “religious” questions, we will tell so – has simply well laid down in a hand. Before there were film зеркалка “dead” nowadays systems Minolta – by the way, good there was a device, hope Sony on the basis of them to continue to do worthy devices.

So the spring, all blossoms… Hands and to reach for the camera. During a lunch break has gone to an oasis of greens and colours in city centre – square before the Perm academic opera and ballet theatre of a name of P.I.Tchaikovsky.

At an input in square pigeons “are traditionally grazed”. I can not tell that pigeons as birds are pleasant to me but it is necessary to recognise sometimes they look adequately.

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